ARIES: The Arian Moon of February 14, 15 puts you in touch with your emotions. You will respond to varying situations in your usual fashion, strongly directed by impulse.

TAURUS: Taurus needs time to think things through in a nice quiet environment during February 14, 15. By getting your head in order, you are able to deal with any problems you may have.

GEMINI: There’s likely to be a little extra money coming your way during February 14, 15; that’s good, for it allows you to get out there and do the things you enjoy so much.

CANCER: There will be plenty of contact with all sorts of people during Thursday and Friday. You will also be giving some thought to what you want out of life.

LEO: Your compassion is likely to be strongly aroused by the sentiments of different people during February 14, 15. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will also understand your point of view.

VIRGO: Many Virgoans will struggle with ethical issues concerning a friend during February 14, 15. This is not anything major, but tends to be something that niggles away at you.

LIBRA: There is someone around you who will play an important role during February 14, 15, evoking a strong emotional response. This tends to produce more positive results than negative.

SCORPIO: The mind will be on the job during February 14, 15, producing some excellent results. Your heart is in the right place, fuelling your ideas and commitment to getting things done.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius tends to be in a rather playful mood during February 14, 15; it is a pity that others’ moods don’t always match your own. Life’s too short to not enjoy it.

CAPRICORN: February 14, 15 allow Capricorn to experience the domestic situation from an exceptionally emotional perspective. Family interaction is an important facet of daily life.

AQUARIUS: Your mind is impressionable during February 14, 15, but also busied by thoughts of all those little things that need doing. You will feel happier when you have them out of the way.

PISCES: There is a tendency for Pisces to feel lucky during February 14, 15. Luck has many ways of expressing itself, other than from the results of gambling. There may be extra money in your pay packet.

LUCKY NUMBERS: Aries: 1, 3, 4, 9; Taurus: 5, 8; Gemini: 6, 7; Cancer: 3, 4, 7, 9; Leo: 1, 3, 4, 9; Virgo: 6, 8; Libra: 5, 7; Scorpio: 2, 3, 7, 9; Sagittarius: 1, 3, 4, 9; Capricorn: 5, 6; Aquarius: 5, 6; Pisces: 2, 4, 7.

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